Chef Russell Moore ~ Camino

Since opening Camino, I always wanted a California olive oil that wasn’t a compromise in flavor and wasn’t too expensive to use. We have found that with Pacific Sun Farms olive oil. This oil makes sense to us in every way—it has personality, the price is right and it works extremely well with our food.

Camino   Oakland, CA

Chef Chris Bianco ~ Pane Bianco

Pacific Sun Farms is a gift to us all. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is such a celebration of place, people and Good intention. I love how when you open a bottle you instantly go to Northern California. I am so grateful for their commitment to their land and their craft honoring tradition yet challenging themselves to press on with innovation… bless them.

Pane Bianco   Phoenix, AZ

Chef Massimiliano Conti ~ La Ciccia

In the tradition of Sardinian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient. It enhances the flavors coming from the sea or rather stands up to the richer meals sprouting from the land.

We’re happy to have found Pacific Sun Farms olive oils to be able to meet both needs.

We appreciate their clean texture along with their taste and pungency, all blending naturally in with our dishes.

La Ciccia   San Francisco, CA

Chef Rebecca Boice ~ Zuni Cafe

I enjoy using Pacific Sun Farm olive oil not only because the flavor is a great expression of California olive oil, but because the attention and care they take in making the oil shows so clearly in the final product.

I like to use the Pacific Sun Farms oil in contexts where you really get to taste the distinctiveness of the oil. The following recipe is more like a promise: Take one cucumber, cut into chunks. Grab a handful of cherry tomatoes, split in half. Tear a few leaves of fresh basil or mint, or both. Combine everything in a bowl. Fold in a generous tablespoon of yogurt. Add a pinch of salt. Finish with a tablespoon—or four—of Eva’s Blend. Eat directly from the bowl… with a spoon.

Zuni Café   San Francisco, CA

Chef Melissa Reitz ~ Bar Agricole

The oils that Pacific Sun Farms makes are the best in California; they are diverse and interesting, they taste like olives, as well as being affordable. I like to use their olive oil in vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, to garnish pastas and soup. The flavors are very complimentary to California cuisine.

Bar Agricole   San Francisco, CA

Chef Anthony Florian ~ Seven Hills

The cuisine at Seven Hills is simple and uncomplicated. Many times dishes are comprised of fewer than five ingredients; so it is imperative to use the very best products available to make it truly special. Simply put, Pacific Sun Farms olive oil makes our food taste better!

Seven Hills San Francisco, CA

Sandy Sonnenfelt ~ The Pasta Shop

We are delighted to use Pacific Sun Farms olive oil in our kitchens. The oil, which was blended to our taste, is fruity, nutty and buttery with bright green notes to give it character and longevity.

The Pasta Shop kitchens are proud to use only California Extra Virgin Olive Oil for both cooking and finishing. The blend they created for us makes this a delicious success. It is extremely easy and pleasant to do business with Pacific Sun Farms.

The Pasta Shop   Berkeley, CA

Mario Repetto ~ Grindstone Bakery

At Grindstone Bakery we take pride in carefully sourcing the best Organic ingredients available. Pacific Sun Farms has been the ideal partner for our bread and cookies as a local high quality EVOO. It perfectly matches our baking methods contributing to the taste we look for. We are truly grateful to be working with them as friends and peers in our efforts to produce real and healthy foods.

Grindstone Bakery   Locations around California

Janell Pekian ~ Olive This Olive That

Pacific Sun Farms extra virgin olive oils are consistently my best sellers and they have a loyal following. The quality and reliability of the olive oils is excellent. I started with one evoo and now offer five blends! Working with Pablo and the team at Pacific Sun Farms is a pure joy.

Olive This Olive That   San Francisco, CA