Starting A New Milling Season

We’re once again getting into a special part of the year for us: this week we’ll start milling the first batches of Arbequina olives.

Approaching the season always brings a mixed bag of feelings. Mostly, it brings enthusiasm. I know that for many colleagues, as it is for me, our jobs are never only about making a living. We really enjoy the wonderful world of olives and olive oil, and we experience a curious passion about it. Therefore, the prospect of seeing many good olive oils being made is a natural source of excitement.

It’s also true that, at this time of year, we’ll face very long and often stressful days, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. That’s the sort of payment we make for this passion.

As I share the proximity of the new olive oil coming, I see chefs, friends, and clients also excited about the prospects of what’s to come — it’s contagious. One outcome of our shared enthusiasm: many tasty dishes, glowing with an ingredient as fresh and vibrant as possible. I can’t help but think of these in a sharing context, something great that will bring good moments with friends and loved ones.

This year, contrary to what happened last year, there’s an abundance of olives, and we’re looking forward to having very interesting olive oils and some experimental approaches. The latter are something I’ll share once we get to put them into practice, because, as we say in my country, “the barking dog does not bite,” and I want my words based in reality rather than conjecture.

We’ve been working with some of the best chefs, restaurants, and delis in California and Arizona: Pane Bianco, Tartine Bakery, Camino, La Ciccia, Zuni Café, The Pasta Shop, Standard Fare, Bar Agricole, Boulette’s Larder, Del Popolo, Summer Kitchen, Bartavelle, Homestead, Noble Bread, and Flour + Water are some of our great clients, and we’re very proud. The same can be said for the many clients and friends who use Pacific Sun daily in their home kitchens.

This does not only honor us, it challenges us, and we’re happy with that. It’s healthy to stay on edge and always thinking of how to improve. As I understand, is very rare to find an olive oil, as good as it can be, that is not improvable. Rumor has it that what Socrates really said was, “the unexamined olive oil is not worth making.”* We’re approaching this milling season with that spirit.

Stay tuned for the Olio Nuovo (the very first oils of the season, released fresh and without filtration, to be consumed immediately). We hope to have some available at the end of this month or in the beginning of November.

Please come visit us while we mill! Learning about how this product is made will increase your food knowledge, your olive oil culture, and very likely, your enjoyment of it.


On behalf of the Pacific Sun Olive Oil team,


* The actual Socrates quote is, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

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