Pacific Sun Farms Wins Best of Show at 2018 LA International for Third Year in a Row

The 2018 Los Angeles international Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition received 658 extra virgin olive oils from 371 producers. The competition received extra virgin olive oils from Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and the United States.

Pacific Sun entered its five blends, and all of them were awarded. The Tuscan Blend and the Proprietor’s Select won a Silver medal, Tehama Blend and the Organic Blend received a Gold medal and Eva’s Blend won a Gold, Best of Class and the Best of Show in the delicate category.

It’s quite unusual, and quite a feat, to have won such an important award during three consecutive years. Aside from the necessary dose of good luck that any enterprise needs (and competitions, particularly), it speaks of a high level of dedication and consistency from our team. Happily (since hard work and excellence are not always acknowledged), that came to be recognized and awarded.

In the previous years, Eva’s Blend, was not much awarded. I always tried to create an olive oil that even when it was on the gentle side, would have good structure (for a good shelf life from harvest to harvest) and some complexity. Perhaps judges were a bit at odds with this un-typical version of an olive oil on the milder side. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Eva’s Blend is a mild-medium olive oil, though there’s no category for that.

In my experience, most “delicate” olive oils are not very interesting. They tend to be shy in their aromas and often feeble in their bitterness and pungency. They don’t last much either.

One year, in a visit to Tuscany, Eva’s Blend was tasted by a circle of producers and tasters. They found it very interesting, sort of complementary to their typical assertive Tuscan oils. They guessed correctly that it’d be an olive oil that many chefs would love to have, for its nuances and versatility. Good chefs tend to use at least two olive oils. One of the kind our friends around Florence produce, rather intense, and another one like Eva’s, on the gentle side. Generally speaking, we can say that the first one will pair well with red wine dishes and the second one with white wine ones. All these years Eva’s has been a favorite in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in San Francisco and the East Bay.

This year Eva’s is particularly good due to the chances we had to access some Leccino, Frantoio and Taggiasca cultivars, which make 90% of the oil in pretty much equal parts. Last but not least, there’s 10% of Coratina, which adds to its fresh perfumes of green almond and grass and supports the amiable bitterness and pungency.

It’s an ideal olive oil for fish, poultry, seafood pastas, omelets and egg dishes, baked veggies, baking and bread-dipping.


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