Meet Pablo Voitzuk, Olive Oil Maker

Even after all this time of working intimately with the olive and its oil, each fall I am enchanted by the collective creation of the trees, the sun, the workers in the fields, and the milling process.
—Pablo Voitzuk, Pacific Sun Farms Olive Oil Maker and Taster

A Wealth of Experience


Winner of the 2015 and 2016 California Olive Oil Council Miller’s Recognition Award, Pablo Voitzuk joined Pacific Sun Farms in 2010.

“Some of my greatest pleasure has come from making, blending, and tasting oils, cooking with olives and olive oil, and teaching and writing about them.”

As olive oil maker, Voitzuk directs the milling team, develops the blends and ensures quality throughout the process from the fruit selections to the bottle.

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Voitzuk honed his skills in olive oil production and table olive curing working with Apollo Olive Oil (California Sierra foothills). He also studied in Tuscany with Dr. Marco Mugelli, and in Sardinia with Pierpaolo Arca. He is a member of the California Olive Oil Council tasting panel and is a frequent judge at local and international olive oil competitions, including Los Angeles County Fair; BIOL, Puglia, Italy; Japan Prize, Tokyo; and Sol D’oro, Verona, Italy.

Demanding Standards and Commitment to Quality

“At Pacific Sun Farms we make decisions throughout the process that will preserve flavor while achieving significant polyphenol levels. We work with healthy, greener fruit, milling within 24 hours of harvest, malaxing1 as little as possible, and using only low temperatures. We filter every single olive oil we make immediately, and we make blends that will hold their quality until we enter the new milling season.”

Pablo’s wealth of experience working with other producers of fine California extra virgin olive oils is a great asset to the Pacific Sun Farms team. Pablo sits on the California Olive Oil Council tasting panel and the UC Davis tasting panel.

Aside from working with Pacific Sun Farms to assist with milling and blending the olive oils, Pablo also works directly with chefs and retailers to help them find the olive oils that best serve their and their customers’ needs.

Ever wondered what “Extra Virgin” means and why it only applies to olive oil?

Find out in this blog post by Pablo, “What about the other ‘extra virgin’ vegetable oils”


1 Malaxing is the action of slowly turning or churning the milled olives.