Olive Oil Conversion Chart

Olive oil has been an essential part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. Not only is it used for dressings, bread dips, grilling and pastas, it’s used for baking. So why not include this heart-healthy ingredient in your own recipes that call for butter or margarine?
The transition is simple, but remember this: Olive oil has a richer flavor than other fats so it’s important to use the appropriate oil to achieve the desired result.

When sautéing or frying, any Pacific Sun EVOO will work, but for baking purposes be sure to choose a mild olive oil like Eva’s Blend. If you’re baking blueberry muffins, try incorporating Pacific Sun Meyer Lemon Olive Oil into your recipe. It’s subtle lemon notes compliment the sweet-tart fruit, setting your recipe apart from others.
Use olive oil instead of butter to:
  • Cut back on cholesterol and saturated fat content
  • Produce lighter tasting baked goods
  • Let the flavors of other ingredients shine through
  • Maintain freshness of baked goods (because of its high vitamin E content, olive oil keeps longer than butter)
  • Create moist cakes, cookies, biscuits and muffins
  • Prepare a baking pan before adding ingredients
To make substitution simple, we would like to share our handy butter to olive oil conversion chart with you. Simply click on the chart below to download as a PDF, then print it and place on your refrigerator where you’ll have easy access to the measurements.

Note: This conversion chart is for baking and sautéing recipes. Remember, you cannot convert all recipes. For example, cake frosting must stay solid at room temperature so shortening or butter are essential ingredients.
As always, enjoy!
Do you have a favorite fall recipe using Pacific Sun Olive Oil?
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