Choosing an Olive Oil

Not sure what to look for?

Many people ask us how to choose an olive oil.

We asked Pablo Voitzuk, our olive oil maker, for some essential info that will help our customers choose an olive oil that they will enjoy:

“Some people buy extra virgin olive oil looking for the health benefits. This is mostly related to polyphenol count (amount of antioxidants), but I would say that more customers buy their olive oil based on taste and how they plan to use the olive oil in their cooking.”

Pablo’s Suggestions:

Mild, Subtle Flavors

Both Eva’s Blend and Proprietor’s Select have mild, subtle flavors with great aromas (grass notes in Eva’s, tomato leaf in Proprietor’s) and gentle bitterness and piquancy. They’ll work on salads, bread dipping, fish, baking, guacamole, hummus and homemade mayonnaise.

Medium Intensity

Tehama Blend, Organic Blend and Tuscan Blend are medium intensity olive oils with some perceptible assertiveness—but not robust. Though each has its specific characteristics, all will pair well with pastas, poultry, steamed vegetables, vegetable soups and read meat dishes. Tehama Blend will be the milder of this group, then the Organic Blend, and the one with more character is the Tuscan Blend, which has artichoke notes that account for a nice, enjoyable bitterness.

Intense Flavors

Our mono-varietal Coratina, which is in limited production (online and restaurant orders only), is a bright, vigorous olive oil with an unusual freshness, due to the technique we used for its extraction without malaxation (which gave us a lower yield though a superior EVOO). The Tuscan Blend is also a good option. These are great with beans, lamb, BBQs and tomato sauce or ragú sauce pastas.

Choosing a Gift

For customers who want to send a gift, both Eva’s Blend and Tehama Blend are delicious and versatile. Most people, from foodies to newcomers in the olive oil world, like them. People supporting sustainable, ecological values may prefer our Organic Blend, which is a beautiful olive oil as well.

There are people who rely on or want to check what the experts say, and for them we have our award winning Tuscan Blend and Proprietor’s Select. Both won Best of Show at two important competitions: Los Angeles International and California Olive Oil Council Competition (and by the way, all the blends were awarded with a Gold or Silver medal at least in different competitions). We also have our Sampler Basket if you’d like to send a variety of small bottles ~ our Sampler Basket is a popular gift.

Pablo is frequently asked what his favorite olive oil is…

“This is a tricky question since each EVOO we make serves a different purpose and has its own characteristics. If I were to pick one it would be the Tuscan Blend, for it has many of the attributes I expect from an olive oil of excellence: fresh fragrant aromas, good structure in terms of bitterness and pungency, which guarantees an optimal shelf life, complexity of flavors and a clean, neat mouth feel. Salud!”