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Pacific Sun is a gift to us all. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is such a celebration of place, people and good intention. I love how when you open a bottle you instantly go to Northern California. I am so grateful for their commitment to their land and their craft-honoring tradition while challenging themselves to press on with innovation. Bless them.
—Chef Chris Bianco, Pizzeria Bianco, Bar Bianco, Pane Bianco

Enhancing Flavors and Adding New Notes

We offer several certified extra virgin olive oil blends to accommodate the different needs of restaurants aiming to offer best in quality meals. Our clients understand how critical using an EVOO is to enhance flavors and add new and wonderful notes.

Our Chefs Are Key to Our Success

Pacific Sun Farms is proud to work with some of finest chefs and restaurants in the Bay Area and Northern California, including Tartine Bakery, Camino, Zuni Cafe, La Ciccia, Standard Fare, Bar Agricole, Flour + Water, Boulette’s Larder, Seven Hills, Homestead, Summer Kitchen, Cafe Rouge, Cucina Paradiso, Grindstone Bakery and Peter Lowell’s. Read Chef Reviews

A World of Difference for Your Customers

Creating flavors and meals made with Pacific Sun Farm’s Northern California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, compared with lower quality commodity olive oil—or a blend including other vegetable oils—makes a world of difference.

Our attention to detail along with the consistent flavor profile and color of our EVOO help to ensure that your meals taste just as you planned. This consistency and quality satisfies your customers and helps to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Supporting Artisan Food Producers

The decision to use authentic, high quality extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen has other consequences as well, such as:

  • Supporting artisan local food chains
  • Reducing dependence on the harsh industrialization of the food supply and its negative impacts

Extra Virgin Certification and Traceability

You can be 100% confident that all our Pacific Sun Farms extra virgin olive oils are certified by the California Olive Oil Council to be extra virgin grade. Every drop is traceable to our production lot number on the label.

EVOO Products for Food Service—Available in 1-gal | 2.5-gal | 5-gal

Our two main finishing olive oils:

  • Eva’s Blend, a gentle, versatile olive oil ideal to pair with white wine dishes
  • Tehama Blend, more assertive and pairs well with red wine dishes

A bit more upscale and of medium-robust intensity:

  • Organic Blend (certified organic by CCOF)
  • Tuscan Blend

A great every day EVOO with great value:

  • Pacific Select

Contact us to place an EVOO order for your restaurant.