Pacific Sun Farms Wins Best of Show at 2018 LA International for Third Year in a Row

The 2018 Los Angeles international Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition received 658 extra virgin olive oils from 371 producers. The competition received extra virgin olive oils from Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and the United States.

Pacific Sun entered its five blends, and all of them were awarded. The Tuscan Blend and the Proprietor’s Select won a Silver medal, Tehama Blend and the Organic Blend received a Gold medal and Eva’s Blend won a Gold, Best of Class and the Best of Show in the delicate category. Continue reading Pacific Sun Farms Wins Best of Show at 2018 LA International for Third Year in a Row

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Pacific Sun Farms awarded at Japan Olive Oil Prize

Pacific Sun Farm’s Tehama Blend was recognized with two awards at the prestigious competition, Japan Olive Oil Prize (JOOP), in Tokyo.

First, in the Intense category, it received the “Blend Special Prize.” Then, being the American olive oil that was ranked the highest, it was awarded “Best of USA.”

The competition is organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan and it has an international jury with tasters from Italy, Japan, Greece, Turkey and the US. Reknown Italian expert Dr. Pietro Paolo Arca was the panel leader of this 2017 competition. All judges taste every single entry. The olive oils with the higher score are blind tasted again a second time and the average score of both tastings provide the final score.

Many of the finest Italian olive oils participate every year in this contest, as it is the case of Dievole, Frantoio Franci, Le Tre Cologne, Gran Preggio, Intini, or Almazara de la Subética from Spain.

As much as we knew that our Tehama Blend was an excellent olive oil this year, we’re surprised and proud to have fared so well among some of the best olive oils in the world.

As we explained previously, Tehama Blend is quite an assertive olive oil with fresh, green perfumes of herbs and tomato leaf. You can read more about it here.

Once again, we’re so pleased with such strong validation of our hard work and we’re happy to share the good news with you.


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Tehama Blend wins Best of Show at Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2017

One of our olive oils has won the Best of Show at the prestigious Los Angeles International competition for second year in a row. This time it was our Tehama Blend, which won first a Gold Medal, then Best of Class and eventually was Best of Show in the robust category.

The competition had an international jury of 18 judges, from the US, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Japan.

There were 600 olive oils from 369 producers. The olive oils from California were 203, the largest number from a single place, followed by Spain and Italy.

As we mentioned in other entries, this past season has been very difficult for California producers. Discussing with colleagues from Italy and Spain, it seems that the same happened in Europe. We had to struggle with quite adverse weather patterns, rains and scarcity of olives.

This was reflected in the gold medals awarded, 131 for both domestic and international olive oils and just 21 for olive oils from California (a good number, around 14, of gold medals was given to flavored oils from California). The best of class for domestic olive oils were only 3, against 18 from abroad.

Continue reading Tehama Blend wins Best of Show at Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2017

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Pacific Sun Farms Wins Best of Show, Best of Class and 4 Gold Medals

Pacific Sun Farms Proprietors Select has won the Best of Show award for the large producer category at the California Olive Oil Council competition. It’s the third time that this olive oil has won this recognition at this competition (previous wins were in 2013 and 2015).

The Tuscan Blend, which won Best of Show at LA International, was also awarded the Best of Class at NYIOOC, along with Gold medals for Eva’s Blend, Proprietor’s Select and the Organic Blend. Pacific Sun Farms was the most awarded company at the latter competition (one Best of Class their highest award and 4 Gold medals).

Continue reading Pacific Sun Farms Wins Best of Show, Best of Class and 4 Gold Medals

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Pacific Sun Tuscan blend awarded Best of Show

Tuscan Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml and 250mlEvery March, judges from the most important olive oil producers countries come to Pomona, California, to judge the LA International Olive Oil competition.

Every year I look forward to this important olive oil event led by the great Darrel Corti, its chairman, and backed by an impeccable organization from LA County Fair led by Mary Ellen Cole. One of the reasons is that I’ve been one of the judges in previous years, and each time I’ve been invited to participate, I’ve felt honored and joyful. Continue reading Pacific Sun Tuscan blend awarded Best of Show

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Pacific Sun’s Proprietor’s Select wins COOC Best of Show

Discover how our Proprietor’s Select took home the California Olive Oil Council’s top prize for the second time.
Two years ago, in May 2013, we titled a blog entry the same way. Once again, our Proprietor’s Select won the Best of Show in the large producer category of the California Olive Oil Council competition. Continue reading Pacific Sun’s Proprietor’s Select wins COOC Best of Show
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Pacific Sun’s Proprietor’s Select Wins Best of Show at COOC Competition

We’re truly happy to announce that the California Olive Oil Council competition selected our Proprietor’s Select as the Best of Show (in the large producer category), along with awarding the other four olive oils we sent (our new Organic Blend, Eva’s Blend, Tuscan Blend and Tehama Blend) with gold medals.

This year we have also received multiple recognitions in other competitions.

At the Los Angeles County Fair we earned four medals: one gold (Tehama Blend), two silvers (Eva’s Blend and Tuscan Blend) and a bronze (Proprietor’s Select).

We also participated in a new international competition in New York City where we sent three olive oils: Eva’s Blend, Tuscan Blend and Proprietor’s Select. All received gold medals.

Finally, as we announced in our last entry, we were given an “honorary mention” in Tuscany for our Tuscan Blend.

How do we take all this?

Above all it means encouraging feedback from tasters representing different schools of thought and orientations, all finding our olive oils deserving of recognition.

At the same time, competitions are a debatable subject find this. I always felt sympathy for actors, singers or writers questioning this system of prizes, which can become arbitrary.

One undesirable effect of this is that we become suggestible to the award factor and we trust less of our own personal taste/discrimination — something that we’ve seen extensively in the wine industry these last years. While that’s true, in the case of olive oil, it’s only partially true.

On the one hand, members of the tasting panel of a competition come from different backgrounds and that accounts for subjectivity. For this reason, when they evaluate an entry, their education, values and preferences, which are far from being uniform in the olive oil world, will define a good deal of their approach. This means that some tasters will be very concerned with harmony and balance, some will be as concerned with durability, and some will pay attention to texture while others won’t.

On the other hand, olive oil competitions have an important role as a validating instance within an industry that has loose standards for quality.

While many olive oils can pass the Extra Virgin certification (which has international standards that are rather forgiving), not many olive oils can win medals consistently. This, fortunately, goes beyond nuances and the different opinions of the juries; the majority of awarded olive oils are good olive oils.

Having said all this, I hope you’ll enjoy our olive oils for what they are, with their varied characteristics, crafted with sincere dedication on our part and highly appreciated by many earnest and dedicated olive oil tasters.

On behalf of the Pacific Sun Olive Oil Team,


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Pacific Sun Awarded in Tuscany, Italy

We’re very glad to announce that our Tuscan Blend, which is made with Leccino and Frantoio olives, typical cultivars from Tuscany now growing in California, received a ‘Menzione d’onore’ (honorary mention) at the Premio Il Magnifico competition in Tavernelle Val di Piesa, Tuscany, Italy.

‘Il Magnifico’ refers to Lorenzo di Medici, known as ‘The Magnificent.’ Lorenzo was one of the outstanding leaders of the Italian Renaissance (re-birth), the movement of the 14th through 17th  centuries, which came to be enormously influential in the culture and politics of the western hemisphere. The movement tapped into classical sources (mostly Greek and Roman philosophy and art) to produce an explosion of creativity in the world of art and ideas.

With writers Dante and Petrarch, and painters Giotto and Cimabue as precursors, the period produced ‘Renaissance Men’ — men who worked and cultivated their various talents and disciplines. Men like Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Michelangelo were among the many great writers, inventors, painters, sculptors and scientists of this era.

The Renaissance was also the birth of Humanism, a philosophy associated with the Greek philosopher Protagoras, whose motto was ‘Man the Measure.’  The idea behind this motto is that man is the measure of all things. It’s a system that strives to honor and realize the human potential.

Lorenzo ruled Florence for almost 50 years. He was a great diplomat and patron of scholars, artists and poets. He himself was a poet who wrote beautiful lines about the olive trees of the Tuscan landscape. Olive trees existed in Tuscany since ancient times (in Etruscan and Roman civilizations), though it was under Lorenzo’s guidance and efforts that they became one of the main economic resources of the region.

Following that spirit, Giorgio Mori from Oliomio/TEM, one of the most interesting companies making olive oil equipment today, and chef Matia Barciulli, have started the Premio Il Magnifico competition for olive oils of excellence.

Giorgio and Matia noted that, in Tuscany, there was a vast culture and cuisine developed around wine though nothing at that level for another emblematic product of the area: extra virgin olive oil. They decided to design a competition, which would bring awareness to olive oil’s value.

Sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Province of Florence and the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, an institution that has been in the front line of olive oil tasting and research, they created four distinctive awards.

The first award, ‘Il Magnifico,’ was for the olive oil that received the highest score from the tasting panel.

The second award, ‘Marco Mugelli,’ was for the olive oil with the highest polyphenol count. Marco was the leading expert who changed the olive oil industry by bringing innovative extraction methods and concepts in olive oil making, and focused on maximizing the extraction of the precious natural anti-oxidants found in olive oil.

A third award, ‘Massimo Pasquini,’ was for the olive oil that paired best with traditional Tuscan dishes.

Finally, there was an international award. The judges, a tasting panel of the highest level, selected 12 finalists — 8 from Italy and 4 from abroad.  Among these finalists, they chose 4 winners. Pacific Sun Tuscan Blend was among the 12 finalists and was voted second best of the non-Italian olive oils.

We’re thrilled to receive such appreciation from these people who hold the strictest standards when it comes to fine olive oils.

Most importantly, we have had the good fortune to meet and learn from some of these friends who were instrumental in developing this contest. These are the late Marco Mugelli and his son Mateo (who milled the winning olive oil in the international category), and Giorgio and Marzia Migliorini  (one of the judges). These  friends all carry a bit of that great Renaissance heritage in the way they approach olive oil making so thoughtfully, always looking forward to learning and discovering new things. Without them, we wouldn’t be making the same olive oil.


On behalf of the Pacific Sun Olive Oil team (Brendon, Callie),


To learn more about the Premio Il Magnifico competition click here.

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Pacific Sun Olive Oil Wins “Best of Show” at Napa County Fair 2011

It’s a pleasure to announce that Pacific Sun’s Proprietor’s Select Ascolana Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the “Best of Show” title at this year’s Napa Valley Olive Oil competition.

Aside from sharing the good news that a panel of expert judges picked Pacific Sun from more than 80 entries, we thought this would be a great time to explain what makes an olive oil a good candidate to win awards at this type of contest.

First, it’s important to note that the “Mario Solinas form” of evaluating olive oil is the set of guidelines that is most extensively used throughout worldwide olive oil competitions (based on the Spanish competition of the same name).

  1. Olive oil tasting always begins with the appreciation of its perfume (generally called “Fruit”) and so do competitions. High quality olive oils can achieve remarkable aromas from a wide range of resemblances (flowers, ripe or green banana, avocado, grass, nuts, tomato leaf, spice, artichoke, among others). Therefore, the first rating a judge gives is for the scent or olive fruitiness of the sample.
    • Judges award additional points when the oil emits pleasantly noticeable scents of other fruits. In our case, the Proprietor’s Select Ascolana Extra Virgin Olive Oil has distinctive notes of Passion Fruit and Peach.
    • Later, judges seek green elements (like grass and leaves) in a sample. Our Proprietor’s Select not only emits the pleasant smell of green elements with gentle intensity, but it also contains other positive sensations, like the fragrance of the lily flower.
  2. The second part of the tasting focuses on gustatory and retro-nasal sensations. This includes olive fruitiness, sweetness, bitterness, pungency, and the presence of green elements and other positive sensations.
  3. The final step focuses on evaluating the complexity of the oil and the persistency of its taste. Good, healthy oils will journey through your mouth and nose entering one way, exiting another. After experiencing quality olive oil one can expect a very pleasant aftertaste and a clean mouth.

Overall, a key factor leading to an olive oil being considered of high quality is its harmony, which increases when the attributes are balanced. When you buy olive oil, it’s always useful to evaluate its fruit in order to determine its quality and to expand your enjoyment “” and keep it simple: Good oils have nice perfumes, poor ones are odorless or smell defective i.e. rancidity, solvents, dirty, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this explanation and more importantly, for supporting Pacific Sun Gourmet. We hope we conveyed the many things that can be enjoyed from honest, well-crafted extra virgin olive oil and with this knowledge share in our enthusiasm about this magical food.

Interested in tasting these award winning olive oils? Buy our award winning Olive Oil Here>>


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More Recognition for Pacific Sun Olive Oil

Pacific Sun Olive Oil awarded a Gold Medal and two Silver Medals at the international olive oil competition held at Los Angeles County Fair.

The jury, comprised mostly of olive oil experts from Europe, has awarded Pacific Sun with three new medals.

Pacific Sun’s Proprietor’s Select Ascolana Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the only California olive oil made from the Ascolana olive to be recognized with a Gold medal.

Pacific Sun’s Eva’s Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tehama County Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil were each recognized with a Silver Medal.

We at Pacific Sun are honored that such a qualified and esteemed jury offered such positive recognition of our extra virgin olive oils.

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